Fitness Formula Clubs

Elmhurst, IL

Project Overview

Think the gym is solely for working out? Think again: Fitness Formula Clubs, with their newest in Elmhurst, Illinois, is redefining the experience. One step inside the sophisticated building will have you wanting to stay all day. raSmith’s team of structural engineers provided their expertise to Chicago architectural firm Antunovich Associates for this building.

Antunovich Associates had worked with raSmith’s engineers for cold-formed steel projects in the past but expanded their relationship with us due to our additional structural engineering services. Serving as engineer of record for this Club, our staff oversaw all structural aspects. The design features strapped foundations due to lot line issues, steel post and beam primary framing supporting composite slab floors and long span deck at the roof with rigid frames for primary lateral bracing. The club’s exterior is comprised of CMU and cold-formed steel walls supporting brick and metal panel veneers and continuous glass.

The interior structure is exposed, leaving a clean, open aesthetic within the club. The exposed structure highlights the “floating” staircase, which hangs from the second and third level of the structure. The third floor cantilevers covering outdoor seating and a child care area. The third floor also features an indoor lap pool with whirlpool and an exterior pool and amenities deck.

Our engineers designed the structural support for the nine-foot diameter, exterior FFC-branded pendulum sign. The centroid of the sign is suspended 15′-0″ below the cantilevered third floor structure and is suspended from an 8-inch diameter pipe column. The pipe is diagonally braced to additional framing in the third floor structure. The bracing is hidden above the exterior soffit creating the pendulum look the architect was trying to achieve.

Project Gallery