Evergreen Farm Stormwater Investigation

Bristol, WI

Project Overview

raSmith was hired to investigate stormwater runoff from the Pine Dunes Forest Preserve (Forest Preserve) onto the Evergreen Farm property located at the northeast corner of County MB and County WG/128th Street in the Village of Bristol, Kenosha County, Wisconsin. raSmith contacted located agencies within the upstream watershed to determine if there had been any permitted projects within the watershed tributary to Evergreen Farm that may have caused an increase in stormwater runoff to the property.

It was discovered that there was a section of drain tile blowouts upstream of Evergreen Farm. raSmith investigated the results of the drain tile blowouts and recommended repairing or replacing approximately 2,000 feet of drain tile through the property, followed by design and construction of a drainage ditch along the perimeter. Additionally, it was determined that the Forest Preserve should be contacted once the drain tile on the property is replaced. This will enable them to repair the drain tile.

raSmith also understood that large rainfall events have caused flooding problems at Evergreen Farm. The overland flow path of stormwater runoff within the watershed naturally runs through Evergreen Farm. raSmith determined a potential path for a drainage ditch that will convey overland stormwater runoff through Evergreen Farm along the perimeter. This path will maximize the land available for crops while still allowing runoff to be conveyed through the property, to the culvert under County MB, and ultimately to North Mill Creek.

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