Crystal Lake Scout Reservation Master Plan

Rhinelander, WI

Project Overview

Founded in 1935, Crystal Lake Scout Reservation wanted to develop a 20-year vision and master plan to evaluate where the scout camp has been, where they are now, and where they are going. A local engineering and architectural consultant reached out to raSmith to add our site master planning skillset to their team. We worked closely with the scout camp director and other stakeholders to help build a vision for the master plan that provided a starting point to move ahead with improvements to both buildings and the site.

It was a priority to fully understand the various programming that occurs throughout the year during all seasons. It was important to respect the history of the camp but also acknowledge that current and future trends needed to be integrated into the master plan to maintain the viability and success in the future. Some highlights of the master plan included improving circulation and trails, opening up remote areas of the property for programming, upgrading and adding buildings and tornado shelters, separating bicycle lanes from vehicle areas, and integrating innovative stormwater best management practices and green buildings and infrastructure.

The counsel’s and camp director’s involvement in the planning process was instrumental in the project’s success. The master plan prepared by raSmith will be used to procure funding and donations for multi-year projects that are planned for completion over the next decade.

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