Coddingtown Mall Expansion

Santa Rosa, CA

Project Overview

National developer Simon Property Group has been working with raSmith’s Irvine office for more than 10 years on a lengthy expansion program at Coddingtown Mall in Santa Rosa, California. A recent phase at Coddingtown included the addition of a new Target and Nordstrom Rack project. Simon engaged the raSmith team based on a long history of working together as well as our ability to provide a complete package of site design services, including civil engineering, landscape architectural services and irrigation design. Permits were issued on time and ahead of construction, ensuring that the new mall expansion opened on schedule.

Value engineering was employed on this project by using raised landscape planters to meet water quality requirements. In addition, a combination of bioinfiltration fields and drip and low-volume irrigation were designed for the Nordstrom Rack site. Bioinfiltration fields were designed to keep roof water out of the storm sewer during rainfall events. Drip and low-volume irrigation during dry weather periods further assist in maintaining the landscape year-round.

Project Gallery