Bublr Bike Share System Milwaukee County, WI

The Wisconsin communities of Wauwatosa, West Allis and Shorewood desired a bike share system for commuters, recreational users and tourists, providing these individuals with an alternative form of transportation for short-distance trips. Bike share systems function like libraries: Users check out a bicycle at one location and return it to the same or another station within the system’s service area.

Locating ideal station sites in each community required creative problem-solving. Each site needed sufficient right of way for equipment, balanced station density (the right amount of distance from another site), and a location close to destinations like restaurants, stores, city hall and farmers markets. Additionally, the team avoided placing stations by historic properties, archaeological sites and in parks. After planning and construction of the first phase in 2016, Wauwatosa successfully opened seven stations with 75 bicycles. Construction of bike share stations in West Allis and Shorewood will occur in 2017.

Photography by Weston Imaging

Our hydrone in action