Bayview Park Historic Bandshell Relocation

Ashland, WI

Project Overview

The site planners at raSmith are working with the City of Ashland to develop a conceptual plan to relocate a historic bandshell from a small downtown park site to a larger park site at Bayview Park on the east side of Ashland along Chequamegon Bay. The existing site of the bandshell has served the community well for 4th of July concerts and other civic concerts and events since 1932. However, the proximity to HWY 2, lack of parking and adjacent land uses have landlocked the site, preventing it from expanding its use and potential programming.

The proposed relocation site at Bayview Park provides much more space for larger events, performances and audiences, and provides existing parking facilities to support the potential expanded uses. A large ring of perimeter trees was designed in the park to create an outdoor setting and amphitheater venue for concerts, events and festivals throughout the summer season.

Project Gallery