Barstow Street & Riverfront Street Streetscape Designs

Waukesha, WI

Project Overview

raSmith’s team of landscape architects and site designers collaborated with the City of Waukesha Engineering, Planning and Parks Departments to develop streetscape designs along Barstow Street and Riverfront Street in downtown Waukesha. The improvements are part of a large City infrastructure project to update utilities, enhance roadway design and help with traffic calming on a major thoroughfare street. Overall, the intent of the streetscape improvements was to create a unified, cohesive aesthetic for historic downtown Waukesha.

The proposed design features pavers with color accent inlays and urban-tolerant plantings and street trees between the public sidewalk and the newly constructed street. Crosswalk improvements include new striping and tinted concrete border to complement the overall design and increase safety. Site amenities such as benches and moveable planters were used throughout the streetscape to provide pedestrian scale improvements. Repurposing a bus shelter on Riverfront Street was the design’s focal point. The existing pavement was raised to create a plaza that will be used for public events, concerts or the Farmers Market.

Project Gallery