Irvine Office Continues to Grow, Adds New Civil Engineer

August 3, 2022


raSmith’s Irvine, California, office has experienced exceptional growth over the last several years. The Irvine office opened in 2011 and is led by Chris Bratty, western regional manager. The office includes a mix of staff at all levels in their career including student employees in an internship program, technicians, engineers, surveyors, and project managers.

Jaime Ledezma

Jaime Ledezma

One of Irvine’s newer hires, Jaime Ledezma, is a civil engineer who began his career as an intern at raSmith in June 2021 while completing his junior year in college. At the time, Jaime was working towards obtaining his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from University of California, Irvine. The Irvine office was pleased with Jaime’s performance as an intern and offered him a full-time civil engineer position early in his senior year. Hiring Jamie several months ahead of his May 2022 graduation has been a definite win-win for both Jamie and raSmith.

“Upon being hired for an internship position, I was very appreciative of raSmith’s understanding and ability to work around my school schedule,” said Jaime. “Also important to me have been raSmith’s open-door policy (someone is always available to answer my questions); all of the opportunities I have had to learn from others; and the interesting, challenging projects to which I’ve been able to contribute. I really enjoy working closely with Eric Robles and the other staff in the Irvine office.”

A few projects for which Jaime has provided engineering assistance include Wild Rivers, a $60 million ground-up waterpark that recently opened in July in Irvine; Madrona Industrial Building in Rialto; Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Records and Evidence building in Los Angeles; and Sylmar Studios in Los Angeles.

“Working with Jaime and seeing his growth over the past year has been gratifying,” said Eric Robles, raSmith project manager. “He possesses all of the qualities and skillsets to become a well-rounded and successful civil engineer. I look forward to continuing to work with Jaime and helping him achieve his professional goals.”

Jaime’s future career aspirations include obtaining his professional engineer license, assuming more responsibility for projects from start to finish, and working with future interns as the Irvine office continues to expand. raSmith is always in search of new talent to fill job positions at our Irvine office as well as other locations across the United States.

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