Girl Scouts Learn Survey Techniques as Crew Members

March 23, 2018


Interactive STEM Presentation Focused on 3D Modeling & 3D Scanning

Girl Scouts STEM PresentationGirl Scouts in the Brownie program at Canterbury Elementary participated in an interactive STEM demonstration. Two members of our survey division, Shane Zodrow and Suzie Cunningham, taught the Girl Scouts what STEM is and how math, science and computers are used to survey, measure, design and layout projects like roads, bridges and buildings.

Then the girls became survey crew members themselves! Split into groups, the girls measured the classroom and used an auto level to take floor elevation readings. Suzie then turned the measurements into a 3D model of the classroom, so the girls could see their numbers take shape. They also saw a 3D road model drive-through and 3D scanning point cloud data.

Our team members answered great questions, but one could not be solved just yet: Have they figured out how to build a time machine? That one’s a work in progress.