With spring almost here, it’s time to have raSmith delineate your project’s wetlands!

March 19, 2019

Spring is drawing near in Wisconsin as temperatures rise, snow melts and frogs awake from their winter nap. Time to think wetlands! Planning a project this year? If you believe there could be wetlands on your property, a wetland delineation may be required as part of the planning process. Contact the wetlands ecologists at raSmith to schedule a site visit so that you can get your project underway as soon as possible

Wetlands FrogIn preparation of a site visit, our ecologists can complete a desktop review of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) Surface Water Data Viewer and County GIS website to determine the potential extent of wetlands on your property. For example, there may be mapped WDNR wetlands, wetland indicator soils, topographic low spots, or dark tones on aerials that occur within your project limits.

Our wetland team at raSmith, which includes two WDNR-assured delineators, are highly experienced in wetland delineation and are ready to get outdoors soon. The start of the growing season is drawing near. It typically begins in mid-April in Southeastern Wisconsin, but may be a week or two later in other parts of Wisconsin. Signs that the growing season has begun include the emergence of herbaceous plants, early flowering plants and bud burst on trees.

Wetlands in spring.If you need a wetland delineation conducted on your property, please contact one of raSmith’s professional wetland ecologists to assist you:  Tina Myers in the Brookfield, Wis. office (262) 317-3389 or Theran Stautz in the Madison, Wis. office (608) 421-5317. Think spring!

About the Author

Tina Myers
Tina Myers is an ecologist and project manager in raSmith's Brookfield, Wis., office. Her contributions to natural resources projects include more than 19 years of extensive experience in multidisciplinary ecological work. She is recognized as a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) by the Society of Wetland Scientists and is a WDNR Professionally Assured Wetland Delineator.

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