Oakes Road Rehabilitation

Mount Pleasant, WI

Project Overview

Oakes Road in the Village of Mount Pleasant was experiencing deteriorated asphaltic pavement and was in need of rehabilitation. Oakes Road is heavily traveled, including a significant amount of semi- and dump-truck traffic. Traffic flows are expected to increase even further as Foxconn and other new developments make their way into this Southeast Wisconsin community.

raSmith provided surveying and construction services. The scope of services was to remove the asphaltic pavement and replace it with a concrete roadway. Just before construction was ready to begin, the Village added full curb removal to the scope of the project. This change in plans by the Village necessitated that some design by raSmith take place in the field to keep the project on track, and some raSmith operations — field survey and construction staking — had to be completed simultaneously.

The recently rehabilitated section of Oakes Road is a concrete roadway with full curb and gutter. The rehabilitated segment was extended north and south for a total of 2,000 feet, which almost doubled the length of the roadway rehabilitation project. The northern piece of the extension further required the redesign of an intersection, which was completed in real-time in the field by raSmith’s staff.

The redesign and associated staking and inspection work were challenging as it was highly important that two-way traffic be kept open for a heavy volume of semi-truck and other traffic. The project was completed on time and within budget, and the Village was pleased with the final results.

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