Crane’s Crossing Subdivision Ponds

Menomonee Falls, WI

Project Overview

The Village of Menomonee Falls requires a periodic pond inspection of subdivision ponds. At the Crane’s Crossing subdivision, two of the three ponds include fountains for aesthetic appeal. Included in the inspection requirements is the measurement of pond depths and a determination as to whether there is excess sediment build-up that should be removed.

As part of the inspection, raSmith surveyed the ponds using their GPS-controlled hydrone to collect the necessary data. One of the challenges was careful steering of the hydrone to avoid disturbing the fountains and keeping the electric connections dry. Conducting a hydrographic survey was less costly than traditional data collection methods, with more data points retrieved than would be possible using conventional survey methods. The hydrographic survey was instrumental in determining that no cleaning was required at the time as the ponds had plenty of sediment storage capacity.

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