Vortex Optics World Headquarters

Barneveld, WI

Project Overview

Vortex Optics eyed combining operations from seven different facilities into an everything-in-one world headquarters building. The manufacturer and distributor of outdoor optics including binoculars, monoculars for birders and outdoor enthusiasts, and a range of gun scopes and sights for hunters, combines Class A office space, display and viewing areas for customers, warehousing and manufacturing in the building in Barneveld, Wis.

The tilt-up wall panels for the building were designed by raSmith’s engineers, who provided the structural engineering for the 274,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehousing areas, office space and second-floor patio areas. A separate 30,000-square-foot garage and storage facility was also designed for Vortex, which sells its products worldwide.

Project Gallery