Mount Pleasant Cloud-Based GIS Implementation

Mount Pleasant, WI

Project Overview

More and more municipalities are migrating their GIS information to the cloud. ArcGIS Online is a great cloud-based platform that improves data management, creates workflow efficiencies, allows data access from both desktop and mobile devices, and safely stores large volumes of data.

raSmith’s GIS Division worked with the Village of Mount Pleasant to implement a cloud-based GIS for use by Village staff and the public. The Village benefitted from our staff’s GIS expertise in providing platform configuration, system integration, data migration, training and ongoing support services.

Various aspects of the existing web mapping application were incorporated in the new application to maintain familiarity for village staff. Data layers and symbology similar to those used in the village’s existing application were used in the new application. We also maintained much of the interactive processes that the staff were familiar with; improved dataset ownership through maintenance processes; and configured web-based mapping on both desktop PCs and mobile devices.

Two fully functional web mapping applications were created and configured – one for the public to view data and a second for village staff use. Training was provided to enable village staff to efficiently use this online platform to take ownership of managing their GIS datasets, maps and applications. raSmith is providing ongoing consulting and support services to the village of Mount Pleasant to make sure their staff are able to maximize the use of ArcGIS Online for their cloud-based GIS.

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