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March 21, 2022

Does your project require a wetland delineation or wetland/waterway permit?
The growing season in Wisconsin is quickly drawing near! It’s time to start thinking about wetlands again. If you think you may have wetlands or waterways within your project site, reach out to one of our wetland ecologists who will help you determine the probability that wetlands may or may not be present. They will conduct a simple desktop review of available mapping including the Wisconsin Wetland Inventory, National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) soils maps, topographic maps, and historical and recent aerial imagery. If wetlands are likely present, raSmith’s ecologists can perform an assured wetland delineation to keep your project on the fast track.


What is a WDNR-assured wetland delineation?
An assured delineation results in immediate concurrence from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) so that our clients do not need to wait for confirmation from the WDNR (which can take up to 60 days). To be assured by the WDNR means that they have reviewed a wetland professional’s previous work and have a high level of confidence in their ability to follow wetland guidelines and protocols, meet established criteria, and provide accurate wetland boundaries. By providing this high level of certainty, it saves the WDNR time in review of wetland boundaries and avoids delays in the subsequent wetland/waterway permitting process.


How soon can we begin delineating wetlands in Wisconsin?
Our wetland ecologists at raSmith typically begin their field delineations in mid-April in southeastern Wisconsin, but it may be a week or two later in other parts of the state. Signs that the growing season has begun include the emergence of herbaceous plants, early flowering plants, and bud burst on trees. Due to a limited number of growing season months in Wisconsin, there is a high demand for assured wetland delineations and our field schedules fill up quickly. Don’t hesitate; contact one of our wetland ecologists as soon as possible so that we may determine if your project area contains wetlands. Our wetland team is highly experienced in wetland delineation and is here to assist you. We are also highly experienced with wetland and waterway permitting and can help you navigate the process.

Contact Us
Our ecologists have helped numerous clients with hundreds of wetland delineations and other ecological projects over the past two decades. If you would like to know more about wetland/waterway regulations and how they may affect your project, please contact our ecologist/WDNR-assured wetland delineator, Tina Myers, (262) 317-3389, (Brookfield, Wisconsin office).


About the Author

Tina Myers
Tina Myers is an ecologist and WDNR-assured wetland delineator in raSmith’s Brookfield, Wis., office. Her contributions to natural resources projects include 20 years of extensive experience in multi-disciplinary ecological work. She is also recognized as a Senior Professional Wetland Scientist (SPWS) by the Society of Wetland Scientists.

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