Ecologist Tina Myers Attains Wetland Delineation Assurance

February 14, 2017


raSmith now has two of 16 total assured wetland delineators recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Tina MyersTina Myers, ecologist and project manager at raSmith, is now recognized as an assured wetland delineator with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR). Myers and Theran Stautz, also an ecologist and project manager at raSmith, are two of only 16 assured wetland delineators in Wisconsin to attain this certification.

Myers is a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) with the Society of Wetland Scientists. She has more than 18 years of extensive experience in multidisciplinary ecological work, including wetland determinations and delineations; vegetation surveys including rare species surveys, plant community mapping and assessments; wetland functional assessments; environmental corridor mapping; wetland and waterway permit applications; and habitat restoration. Myers has worked with a wide variety of clients for commercial, governmental, industrial and municipal projects, as well as for private landowners.

Wetland Delineation Professional Assurance Program

The goal of the WDNR program is to protect the state’s wetlands and provide a high level of certainty about wetland boundaries during the project planning process. This also reduces time the state would need to spend reviewing wetland boundaries because these assured professionals meet established criteria set by the WDNR.

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