Water / Wastewater Systems

To assist communities with managing their water and wastewater collection systems, raSmith has developed a range of expertise to address key issues such as water main improvements and extensions, as well as studying infiltration and inflow of sanitary sewer systems and the design of lift stations.

Private and public laterals are an area of attention in communities. Extreme rainfall events over sewer lateral trench areas on private property are simulated to determine their contribution to the I/I experienced during wet weather events. Private laterals are televised to determine both the location and contribution of leaks into the system.

To assist communities determine cost-effective rehabilitation or reconstruction alternatives for sanitary sewer systems, raSmith has extensive abilities in flow monitoring. Flow monitoring collects data that is used in a sanitary sewer system model to determine cost-effective rehabilitation or reconstruction alternatives. Sewer dye testing and sewer televising is used to identify system deficiencies.