Construction Status 2021 Port Washington Street Improvements

2021 Port Washington Street Improvements -
Roadway and Utility Reconstruction

This website will provide you with relevant information concerning the construction activities on the 2021 Port Washington Street Improvements Roadway & Utility Reconstruction. The information provided on this website has been supplied to the City by the project contractors and may change from what is listed, depending on weather conditions or varying job site conditions. If you require specific time-related information, please contact Liam Cimaglia. He will be running the project for the City of Port Washington and can be reached at (262) 317-2225 or by email at

Please note that this website will not be updated on a daily basis, but rather as project conditions change. If you have time-specific questions, please contact Liam, who will be representing the City of Port Washington on the project.


Streets included in the project:

Reconstruct Improvements:

  • W. Buetel Road (N. Wisconsin Street to N. Holden Street)
  • Randy Circle
  • Viola Circle
  • N. Benjamin Street (W. Buetel Road to Thomas Drive)
  • Cindy Circle
  • W. Barry Avenue (N. Benjamin Street to N. Holden Street)
  • Thomas Circle

 Mill and Resurface Improvements:

  • N. Holden Street (Thomas Drive to W. Barry Avenue)
  • Thomas Drive (N. Wisconsin Street to N. Holden Street)
  • Michael Court
  • Sunset Road (STH 32 to CTH LL)


June 7, 2021

Gulseth is installing water mainline north down Benjamin Street before working their way west along Barry Avenue for the remainder of the week. An additional water crew is on site, installing water service leads west along Beutel Road. Residents who live west of Viola Circle towards Holden Street should be prepared for water shutoffs throughout the week as the work is completed. Residents will receive notices beforehand, except in the case of emergency shutoffs due to any potential water main breaks.

Additionally, Vinton will be installing storm sewer along Beutel Road this week. Intersections may be blocked for periods of time as heavy machinery will be operating, so drivers are advised to use caution if they are entering or exiting Beutel Road. All mainline has been installed along Beutel Road and is currently in the process of being tested for safe water samples and proper pressure throughout the week.

May 26, 2021

Gulseth will be installing watermain in the intersection of Buetel and Randy today and from the intersection at Beutel road and Randy up into the cul-de-sac, Thursday (5/27). It should take the entire work day Thursday to complete the cul-de-sac.

May 24, 2021

Water main has been installed along Beutel Road from STH 32 west to Viola Circle. This section of water main has been chlorinated and will be pressure tested tomorrow (5/25/21). Two passing safe samples will be taken this week before an additional crew installs water service laterals for the water main along the east side of Buetel Road starting on Wednesday or Thursday.

Today, we are installing water main from Beutel Road north to the end of Viola Circle. We will continue working our way west along Beutel Road from Viola Circle toward Randy Circle for the remainder of the week. Residents may not have access to their driveway for about an hour as we work past their house. Mailboxes close to the road will be removed and reinstalled once the trench is backfilled in front of each house. We plan to notify residents the day before we work past their house so they have time to move their car.