Construction Status 2021 West Bend 7th Avenue Reconstruction

2021 West Bend 7th Avenue Reconstruction

The purpose of these updates is to provide you with a general overview of the construction activities that will be taking place on 7th Avenue in West Bend for the upcoming week. If you have specific questions or concerns about how the project may affect you, please contact Mike Mentzel, project manager, at (262) 317-3338 or, and he will discuss your specific concern with you.

Please note that this website will not be updated on a daily basis, but rather as project conditions change. If you have time-specific questions, please contact Mike, who will be representing the City of West Bend on the project.


July 23, 2021

Work on this project has been steadily progressing over the past two weeks. By the end of the workday on Friday, July 23, the contractor will have completed approximately 80% of the sanitary sewer main line relay and approximately 60% of the water main relay.

During the week of July 25, the contractor will continue working on the sanitary sewer main relay from Cedar Street to Elm Street and from Cedar Street to Washington Street. After this work is completed, the contractor will complete the installation of the new water main from Elm Street to Washington Street.

Note: 7th Avenue remains closed to through traffic. It is only open for access to residents and businesses located on 7th Avenue; traffic on 7th Avenue will be southbound only.

Access is not allowed through the intersections of Cedar Street, Elm Street, and Hickory Street to downtown or to the west from downtown. The City of West Bend Police Department is enforcing this restriction, and tickets are being issued to individuals traveling through these intersections.

If you have specific questions or concerns regarding your property or want more details on the work being performed, please contact Mike Mentzel at (262) 317-3338 or

July 6, 2021

Vinton Construction is the prime contractor for the project and will be completing the removal of the existing roadway, regrading for the new roadway, and installing all concrete curb & gutter and new concrete pavement for the project. RG Schmidt Construction will be completing the installation of the new sanitary sewer, water main, and storm sewer.

On Tuesday, July 6, work on the project will begin and continue until completion on October 29, 2021. The work will include the placement of traffic control closing on 7th Avenue to traffic. Residents and businesses will have access throughout the project. However, access will be restricted to one-way traffic southbound on 7th Avenue until the project is completed. Traffic on 7th Avenue will be detoured to Indiana Avenue to the east. After the traffic control is placed on July 6, the contractor will pulverize the existing asphalt pavement, regrade, and then compact the material. This process is being done to expedite the installation of the sanitary sewer, water main, and storm sewer.

On Wednesday, July 7, RG Schmidt will begin the relay of the sanitary sewer. This work will start at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Cedar, and work will proceed to the north. This work will take place in the center of the road and will severely restrict access in the area were the work is taking place. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but unfortunately it cannot be avoided. The contractor will make every effort to complete the work as quickly as possible with minimal inconvenience. Please be patient and, if possible, use alternate routes until the work is completed in front of your property.

As part of the sanitary sewer relay, the City will be replacing not only the sewer main, but also the lateral that connects your home to the main. During this work, it may be necessary for the contractor to ask you about placing a non-toxic dye into your sanitary sewer system to aid in the location of your lateral. This is a standard process and is not out of the ordinary on relay projects. If you are uncomfortable with this process, please contact Mike Mentzel and we will work with you on the location of your lateral.

Sanitary work will continue for the remainder of the week of Tuesday, July 6 to Friday, July 9.