Construction Status 2020 Port Washington Street Program

2020 Port Washington Street Program


  • Jefferson Street (N. Holden Street to N. Wisconsin Street)
  • Webster Street (W. Walters Street to W. Whitefish Road)
  • Stanford Street (W. Jefferson Street to W. Whitefish Road)
  • Benjamin Street (W. Walters Street to W. Whitefish Road)


This website will provide you with relevant information concerning the construction activities on the 2020 Port Washington Annual Street Program. The information provided on this website has been supplied to the City by the project contractors and may change from what is listed, depending on weather conditions or varying job site conditions. If you require specific time-related information, please contact Mr. Patrick Velyov. He will be running the project for the City of Port Washington and can be reached at (262) 672-0471 or by email at

Please note that this website will not be updated on a daily basis, but rather as project conditions change. If you have time-specific questions, please contact Patrick, who will be representing the City of Port Washington on the project.


September 10, 2020

JJ’s Lawn Service LLC has finished placing topsoil, seed and fertilizer to restore residents’ greenspaces. Concrete work has also been completed, except for damaged or defective areas.

The paving contractor Payne & Dolan is placing asphalt binder through September 11 and plans to place asphalt surface early next week, weather permitting. The binder course can be driven on like it was a normal road. If residents drive on it within 24 hours of installation, they are reminded to avoid quick acceleration, breaking, turning, and dry steering the tires while the vehicle is not in motion. These precautions will help prevent damage to the driveway.

September 3, 2020

Payne & Dolan is on site to fine-grade the roadways through the end of this week. JJ’s Lawn Service LLC has placed topsoil, seed and fertilizer for homes along Webster Street and is currently working in an easterly direction. Residents have received instructions for watering their restored greenspaces.

Next week, Payne & Dolan is scheduled to begin the paving work after the Labor Day holiday. Residents will have ramped access to their driveways until they are paved; then the gravel ramp will be replaced with asphalt. After the asphalt has been placed, it is recommended that residents do not drive on the fresh asphalt for at least 24 hours. If residents need to drive on it before then, they should take the following extra precautions to avoid damaging the driveway:

  • Minimize any quick acceleration, braking and steering.
  • Do not dry steer the tires while the vehicle is not in motion.

August 17, 2020

T.P. Concrete, Inc. is pouring concrete for sidewalk and pedestrian ramps this week. PTS is on site to backfill the curb and grade the boulevards. The contractor is opening up driveways as they cure; all driveways should be opened up this week.

Next week, JJ's Lawn Service LLC is scheduled to be on site to begin the restoration work.

August 13, 2020

T.P. Concrete, Inc. finished the remainder of the curb & gutter work on Tuesday and is continuing to pour approaches/sidewalks in driveways the rest of this week. Residents are encouraged not to drive on any fresh concrete for at least seven days after it is poured. PTS will be on site Monday to backfill the curb and grade the boulevards so the restoration crew can begin their work. Payne & Dolan is scheduled to be on site Friday, August 28 to grade and pave the roadway. A more concise paving schedule is forthcoming as that date draws near.

August 5, 2020

Removals have been completed, and T.P. Concrete, Inc. is onsite placing curb & gutter, driveway aprons and sidewalk. Similar to the roadway removals, they are working in an easterly direction, starting on Webster Street and moving to Jefferson Street and Stanford Street this week and into next week.

Parking restrictions, garbage and brush pickup, and other details for the project’s paving phase have been explained to residents in the last couple of days, either in person if they were home or with a letter from the City that was left at their front door. Residents are highly encouraged to park on Whitefish Road or Walters Street while concrete work takes place to help prevent any delays in the project’s progress.

July 28, 2020

Roadway, driveway apron and curb & gutter removals are continuing in a southerly direction on Benjamin Street from Whitefish Road to Jefferson Street. Removals will continue in an easterly direction on Jefferson Street once the intersection is reached. The contractor will be working on these removals this week and possibly early next week. T.P. Concrete, Inc. will begin the curb & gutter work in approximately 2 weeks.

July 21, 2020

Kopplin & Kinas Company graded Webster Street and will continue grading by adhering to the following schedule:

1. Start at the west end of Jefferson Street and grade to Stanford Street.
2. Grade Stanford Street in a southerly direction.
3. Grade Jefferson Street from Stanford Street to S. Benjamin Street.
4. Grade N. Benjamin Street in a southerly direction, then return to finish grading Jefferson Street to the East end of the street.

The removal of roadway, sidewalk, and curb & gutter will follow the above schedule based on availability. Residents will be notified one to two days in advance of when work will affect their street.

Next week, the curb & gutter concrete work is scheduled to begin on Webster Street. After the concrete is placed, it cannot be stepped on for one day and cannot be driven on for up to seven days. Once the curb and gutter is placed, the plan is for the contractor to install sidewalk and driveway approaches in an effort to minimize the time that residents’ driveways will be inaccessible. Residents will not have access for up to seven days after the concrete is finished being poured on their driveways.

The replacement of concrete will also follow the removal and grading schedules based on availability.

July 14, 2020

Utility work is wrapping up this week. Kopplin & Kinas Company is removing curb and gutter, sidewalk and roadway. Access will be limited while they are working on the street. Residents can drive on the surface if there is no work being done on that section or at the end of the workday. Intersections, sidewalks and driveways will be ramped for access.

BMCI Construction Inc. (concrete contractor) will begin their work in approximately 1.5 to 2 weeks, so Kopplin & Kinas Company can get a head start with grading.

June 23, 2020

Sanitary sewer – all proposed work has been completed.

Water system – all proposed work has been completed, and all laterals have been connected to the new main. The old system has been abandoned, and the new system is fully functional.

Storm sewer – work began on Tuesday, June 23. Approximately 700 lineal feet of new pipe is being installed with new manholes and catch basins in various locations.

The week of June 22 – the removal of some sidewalk stones, curbs and driveway approaches will start late in the week and take approximately two weeks to complete. During this time, residents will have access to their driveways, but may encounter some inconveniences when the contractor is removing driveway approaches or curb, and replacing them with temporary stone ramps.

After the removals, the contractor is planning to grade the roads and place concrete, backfill the concrete areas, fine grade the road and pave the road. For these activities, the contractor is planning to work on the streets in the following order: Jefferson, Webster, Stanford and Benjamin.

The project is successfully moving along, but at this point is slightly behind schedule with a projected completion in early September, weather permitting.

March 30, 2020

The underground contractor is scheduled to be on site to start digging on Monday, April 13, weather permitting.