Calhoun Road Improvements

North Ave. to Capitol Dr.

Project Description

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), in conjunction with the City of Brookfield is developing proposed improvements for a 2-mile section of Calhoun Road from County M (North Avenue) to WIS 190 (Capitol Drive) in the City of Brookfield in Waukesha County. See Maps below.

Calhoun Road is a rural two-lane roadway with 6- to 8-foot-wide gravel shoulders and ditches for roadway drainage. The posted speed is 35 mph. The existing pavement is experiencing a variety of deficiencies and is nearing the end of its useful life. Several hills along the corridor block drivers’ ability to see other vehicles, bicyclists, and wildlife on the road reducing safety. At the Calhoun Road/Pheasant Drive intersection, a small wooded hill adjacent to the south railroad track prevents drivers turning left onto Calhoun Road from seeing oncoming traffic without moving beyond the stop sign. Finally, the roadway’s notable grade change on both sides of the southern Canadian National Railroad track reduces the amount of clearance between the bottom of vehicles and the roadway causing some vehicles to bottom out as they cross the south track.

Future traffic volumes on Calhoun Road are expected to exceed the capacity of the two-lane roadway resulting in a road that is less safe and less efficient than current conditions. More traffic on the two-lane road will create longer queues when trains cross the corridor, makes it more difficult for drivers to enter Calhoun Road from driveways and intersecting roads, particularly left turning traffic, and makes it more difficult for Calhoun Road traffic that wants to turn left onto side streets. More crashes would be expected with increasing traffic volumes, particularly at those locations where traffic is turning left onto or from Calhoun Road.

The City of Brookfield and WisDOT will evaluate a range of alternatives to address the problems described above. Retaining walls may be needed in some areas to limit the impacts associated with the improvements to Calhoun Road. The existing culverts and ditches will be replaced with curb and gutter and a new storm sewer system. The reconstructed roadway will accommodate pedestrians and bicycles throughout the corridor.

The existing Calhoun Road right-of-way width varies from 80 to 130 feet wide (40 to 65 feet on each side of the road centerline). Additional right of way and temporary grading easements are expected to tie the roadway improvements into driveways and yards. The posted speed is expected to remain 35 mph after the proposed improvements.

Calhoun Road

Environmental Document

The Environmental Report for the Calhoun Road project was approved by the Federal Highway Administration and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in March 2019. The Environmental Report is available for inspection and copying at the Brookfield Public Library, 1900 N Calhoun Road, Brookfield, WI 53005