Delavan Lake Sanitary District Sees Value in Mobile Apps to View GIS Data

April 26, 2013
esri iPad Image

Delavan Lake Sanitary District can now access an esri app on an iPad.

The Delavan Lake Sanitary District is employing a mobile application configured by raSmith to view GIS datasets and access digital documents in the field. Whether it’s information on their sanitary sewer pipes, manholes, or laterals, the mobile application is helping this sanitary district do their work better and faster.

The mobile GIS viewer (ArcGIS App for iOS) is easily accessed in the field using an iPad. While Delavan Lake is one of the first sanitary districts in Wisconsin to jump into the world of mobile, it won’t be long before others see the value.

About the Author

Kyle Belott is the geospatial project manager at raSmith. His 20-plus years spent in data management, systems integration, technology implementation, geospatial analysis, and technical support have allowed him to successfully serve many Wisconsin communities.

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