Cold-Formed Steel Engineering

raSmith has a niche expertise in cold-formed steel engineering and provides services to architects, builders and general contractors on projects throughout the U.S. In August 2018, raSmith acquired Matsen Ford Design Associates, a pioneer in cold-formed steel engineering, to increase our bench strength and expand our geographic reach into new markets.

raSmith’s applications of cold-formed (also called light gauge) structural engineering include residential, sports, retail, educational and hospitality facilities. Our competitive pricing and proven track record for responsiveness are recognized by our clients nationwide. Click here for a representative list of our cold-formed experience.

What is Cold-Formed Engineering?

“Cold-formed” steel takes its name from how it’s made – pressed or rolled without heat into shapes to create studs, tracks, floor panels, roof trusses and an array of other structural or non-structural components. The steel is light weight, high strength and non-combustible. Interestingly, it’s the most recycled product in North America. Buildings using cold-formed steel can be more energy efficient in heat transmission, adding up to double-digit LEED points. The steel is also highly durable, standing up to Mother Nature – even earthquakes.

Why Use raSmith as Your Cold-Formed Specialty Engineer?

raSmith saves you time and money, simplifies installation and reduces gauges for your project.

Specific Benefits

  • Lump-sum, competitive pricing for easy budgeting.
  • Free preliminary member sizing to facilitate your bid estimates.
  • 2 to 3 week turnaround on most projects – please call us for current lead times.
  • Immediate response when you need answers during design and construction.
  • Design solutions adjusted to accommodate your preferences on each project.
  • Full-size shop drawings include, but are not limited to:
    • Key plan of building showing grids, elevations and section cuts.
    • Full-height wall sections showing member sizes and connections.
  • On-call engineering support throughout design and construction until the project is complete.
  • No welding.
  • As an independent cold-formed engineer (versus a supplier specifying their own product) our services save you money.
  • High quality, well-detailed and installer-friendly shop drawings.
  • Proprietary connector requirements are minimized.
  • Gauges shown on contract drawings are reduced whenever possible to save you money.
  • One- OR two-piece headers typically provided as alternates – no more 4-piece boxed headers.
  • One-piece jambs as alternate to built-up members.
  • Extensive experience with all buildings types including both non-load bearing and multi-story load bearing buildings (i.e. hotels, dorms, etc.).
  • Licensed and extensive experience on projects throughout the United States.

Jeffrey P. Derra, PE, LEED AP
Cold-Formed Group Leader
(262) 317-3316

Cold-Formed Steel Engineering Services

  1. Exterior curtain wall framing
  2. Interior framing
  3. Light gauge steel framing and truss design
  4. Prefabricated wall panel design
  5. Raised platform framing
  6. Remodeling and resurfacing
  7. Single and multi-story load bearing

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